24 Hours in Boston – What to do and Where to Eat


Eggs Benedict on an English Muffin @ The Granary Tavern

I recently took a weekend trip to Boston, Massachusetts with one of my friends and decided to document what we did and where we ate. We left early on a Saturday morning and returned in the late afternoon on Sunday. Before we left for the trip I found myself researching topics like: What to do in Boston for only 24 hours. Not much came up that was exactly what I was looking for so I decided it would be great to make my own itinerary for others who have the same problem.

In planning our trip I thought about what we could do that would be fun but not cost a lot of money. Going to a lot of museums and monuments that cost 30 dollars each to get in was not in our budget. We wanted a mixture of free things and paid activities. Of course I also wanted to explore the food in Boston so we tried to find a mix of different things that were not to far from where we were staying.

The first thing  you will need to figure out is where to stay. We stayed at the Westin Boston Waterfront which is located next to the convention center and in a fairly easy location. It is about a 5-10 minute drive from Quincy Market which is a big tourist destination and also has some pretty views of the water.

Here’ s what to do in Boston for 24 hours:


  • Leave at 7 and arrive by 10 -11 am.
  • Stop for coffee and to go breakfast to eat while you are driving.
  • Arrive and park the car by 11 o’clock and begin your trip at the New England Aquarium which is located on Boston’s Central Wharf. Going early is better. *If you have the time and money go to the Whale Watching stand outside the aquarium and jump on a boat
    Cost: 25.99 without IMAX movie.


    New England Aquarium Frogs

  • By now you’ll probably be starving so if this is a Saturday walk down to Wharf District Park where you will find a few of Boston’s Food Trucks parked. We tried Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Bon Me, and the Cookie Monstah truck. The Park also had the streets lined with local vendors who were selling cute little goods on a Saturday.
  • After checking out the food trucks and the park walk over to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall where you could also get lunch if you are not a Food Truck person. Go in and out of the shops and check out the huge food court.
  • If you are checking in to a hotel by now you might want to freshen up and take a break so go do that.
  • Otherwise get in the car or cab and check out Harpoon Brewery. When we were in Boston they had an event going on Harpoon Fest which was a lot of fun, so check out there website before you head over. Otherwise go to the beer hall and do beer tasting and get a tour of the brewery.
  • Next is dinner. Check out Pastoral Artisan Pizza, Kitchen & Bar. If it’s a nice summer night they have the doors open and the bar is very popular. The food is very good and not too expensive.


    A house special pasta and classic margarita pizza.

  • If you are looking for a bar to go out at night that is huge and has a band playing check out Ned Devine’s Pub right next to Quincy Market. This place was crazy busy and charged a 10 to 20 dollar cover charge to get in depending on the night. Ned’s was suggested to us from a friend who lived in Boston, it can be a little overwhelming and crowded but also a lot of fun. There is a mixed crowd but definitely a lot of younger people. *Did not try the food here.
  • Grab a cab or try using what the local Boston people use an app called Uber to get yourself back to the hotel in one piece.
  • 2:00 a.m. SLEEP.


  • Get up and grab coffee and a muffin from the hotel Starbucks.
  • Go back to room pack up and checkout by 11 am – where your walking shoes.
  • BRUNCH! Park the car in one of the parking garages for the day and walk to Granary Tavern which is located close to Boston’s Waterfront and the Financial District. Sit outside on the beautiful patio.


    Eggs Benedict on an English Muffin

  • Time for some historical stuff! Walk over to one of the destination’s on the Freedom Trail Walking Tour Map. Yay it’s free! Follow the red brick walking trail and checkout some of the old meeting places from the 1700’s located all over the city.

    Boston Freedom Trail - Site of Boston Massacre.

    Boston Freedom Trail – Site of Boston Massacre. Photo: Courtney Cabrera

  • Next find a beautiful street in Boston to walk and see the culture, also free. You could either do Revere St. which is really cute and takes you to the Charles River where you can walk a long and see the views of the city. Or go over to Newbury Street which is lined with beautiful trees, shopping and nice restaurants.
  • Time to go home! Your probably exhausted by now – we were! Prepare for a long drive home.

Here’s a list of things to do with 24 hours in Boston.

Of course there is so much more to see and do in Boston and many of the activities we did were not far from our hotel and close to South Boston. If you have the time go over to Harvard and see Cambridge you should try and do that also!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Boston?


A food Bloggers Favorite Foods in Southern California

santa monica

California is known for it’s wide range of scenery, beautiful oceans, woods, and mountains. But did you know that California has some of the best and freshest food in the entire country?

After countless trips to California to visit my family I have decided it’s time to take a second and document these places. Each time I go I find myself wanting to return to the same iconic places. These trips were spent mainly in Napa Valley, California but recently my mother moved to Southern California and I have been obsessing over all the delicious food.

It does not matter what time of day it is or where I am- I am always thinking about what my next meal will be. Will it be healthy? Filling? Fattening? Organic? Well, in California you don’t have to worry about finding a delicious and healthy meal. This is because healthy fresh food is literally on every corner. It’s nearly impossible to name the top restaurants in Los Angeles. But I can tell you my favorite and most memorable spots in Southern California.

  1. Malibu Farm – Malibu
    This is truly a magical cafe. Located on Malibu’s Pier you can dine right on the Pacific Ocean with the waves crashing next to you. A locally owned cafe and restaurant serving fresh and local produce where everything is organic. They serve Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the beautiful pier in the middle of the ocean. Once you find your table overlooking the ocean you won’t want to leave.
  2. The Daisy Cafe – Santa Monica 
    A delicious and quick stop for Brunch or Lunch that I actually found out about on Instagram. They commented on one of my pictures and I checked it out!  If you are heading through Santa Monica I suggest checking this quaint cafe out – they have outdoor seating – and heat lamps!
  3. Lemonade LA
    Another staple when dining Southern California. Lemonade is truly one of a kind. There are several locations spread out across Southern California. I visited the location in Brentwood. They have endless clean and healthy options for all foodies! Part Lemonade Stand part Healthy Eatery – it’s food is described as Seasonal Southern California Comfort Food.
    lemonadela IMG_6935
  4. Urth Caffe – Melrose 
    Urth is wildly popular and serves simple yet fresh and delicious lunch and breakfast options. Everything at this place is seriously delicious and the food quality is only something you will find in California. They serve organic teas and coffee – also a great place for people watching. I tried the Iced Green Tea Bobba and of course sat on the patio outside.
  5. The Penthouse @ The Huntley Hotel – Santa Monica 
    Happy Hour anyone? A beautiful spot in Santa Monica located on the hotels 17th floor, the Penthouse. Happy Hour is Monday-Friday from 4-7. Arrive early and get a window seat over looking the Pacific Ocean just in time for the sunset to go down over the ocean. The food on the Happy Hour menu is simple yet classic. Try a Mello Mojito and some fried calamari.
    the penthousethe penthouse
  6. Intelligenstia Coffee – Venice Coffee Bar
    A trendy coffee shop located on Abbot Kinney Street where you can find really cool clothing stores and great food. It’s not your typical coffee shop and it is always packed. Find a seat and order one of their freshly brewed teas. They find you without asking for a name or number and bring you your coffee or tea. A good place for people watching or to catch up with a friend. Watch out for the pack of 4 – 17 dollar truffles.

If you are staying in California for a while don’t forget to visit a Peet’s Coffee (skip the Starbucks) and of course you can’t leave without trying In N Out (don’t worry ask for protein style to get your burger in a lettuce wrap). 😛